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Current model cars featuring the safety of dual controls, we get you on the road with confidence

Our cars

Our fleet consists of Toyoto Yaris hatch back 4 door 1.5 litre sedans.

4-cylinder engine with a 3 speed automatic transmission or 5-speed manual transmission.


Our training vehicles are compliance modified and fitted with in the AUTO dual brake and accelerator. MANUAL dual brake, accelerator and clutch.

This gives the instructor more control in the lessons- for example if you "stall" trying to move off at traffic lights we can take over and get the car moving, sometimes if we detect that you are about to stall we can even "save the situation" by using our dual clutch pedal.
This reduces the embarrassment factor for students especially when they confront traffic situations for the first time.

Each car is modified with dual pedals brake, accelerator and clutch (manual).

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